Drone Footage Prices

Drones are changing the industry, and revolutionizing a lot of the ways things have been done for years. Farmers are using them to survey their land, and herd their cattle. Architects are using them to 3D scan their buildings. Law enforcement agents are using them to catch reckless drivers, and to do recon before potentially going into a dangerous situation. Companies like UPS and Amazon are delivering packages in a matter of hours after a purchase. Search and rescue teams use them to look for lost peoples. Gas and electric companies are flying now instead of getting a lineman out in a precarious position to check on a meter or windmill. And of course, photographers and cinematographers are using them to create art- getting shots that you would need a helicopter for in the past. With all that said, I hope I told you something you didn't already know! I’m certified through the FAA Part 107, which means that I can legally fly for you or your company- whatever the need be!

footage for sale

Are you working on a video project and need raw footage of the Coeur d'Alene area? Id love to sell you the rights to my drone reels. I will not charge an arm and a leg. If you need just a few shots to insert into a video, usually you'll only need about 30 seconds worth of footage.

-30 seconds - $100


For Hire Price

-$300 an hour


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