Portrait Photography

Professional Portrait Photographer Out of Coeur d'Alene, ID

Every portrait tells a story. I strive to capture the entirety of someone’s personality in a couple of shots; and that involves getting creative. The more creative - the better the shot.

There isn't much I enjoy more than simply getting lost in nature for the day. Tracking down mountain views, winding roads, and breathtaking landscapes. Unfortunately, nature can’t have a reaction to a photo – but a person can. That’s why I love to combine the two elements and enjoy shooting portraits so much. Nothing feels better than others appreciating and loving the moment you caught with your camera. Plus, I’d love to help you get a new selfie for your social media page...because face it, everyone loves good photo of themselves.

Whether it’s senior photos, headshots, couple photos, family photos, modeling photos, or something entirely different – you want photos that you’ll back on down the road and still love. So with that – let’s collaborate and we’ll create pictures worth hanging forever. 

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